A. Personal and Business Loans
At Improved, we believe that a man is not truly successful if he can’t help others grow and sustain life. Our crowdfunding platform shares a philosophy of assisting other Christians to grow and shoot their businesses into the limelight.
Our community of Christians is obsessed with other members’ success, and that is why we gather to assist Christians with personal and business loans as an act of love. We realize that it’s pertinent to love others just the way we love ourselves and care about their well-being and growth. Therefore, our Christian community raises funds which are given to other members who are in dire need of personal or business loans to keep moving. We collectively say NO to poverty among Christians.

B. Educational Scholarship/Fund
In our contemporary world, many children from Christian homes are faced with the challenges of being dropouts or not pursuing their academic career. Education is the right of any kid, and we go far and beyond as a community to ensure this is achieved.
We have not just the passion for every Christian to grow spiritually and live a good life; we are obsessed with making kids and growing children from Christian homes get the best education. Improved crowdfunding platform offers unmatched educational scholarship and funding to assist Christian students the quality education. We grow by helping each other.

C. Shelter for Less Privileged
It is without a doubt that countless people are homeless. They wander, starve and die off. Too bad! They are humans like us, and we can’t sit and watch them suffer every weather condition without a shelter. Improved helps the homeless with shelter, and provide the less privileged with homes.
We share a philosophy that advocates Christians should have a shelter at least to rest. When it comes to the less privileged, we cater to a whole lot of responsibility to help them and providing shelter for them. Our crowdfunding platform is one built on the vision of improving lives and showing love to all Christians.

D. Support Community and Church Projects and Programs
One of the ways we help the Christian community at large is by supporting church projects and programs that boost the strength of the Christendom. Improved, as an outstanding crowdfunding platform that features Christians from various part of the world is bent in ensuring that the word of God is spread, and supporting church programs is one of the numerous ways of making this happen.
We offer both partial and full supports to community programs that promote the Christendom with a full conviction that these programs and projects will help Christians in various parts of the world. Our support is unmatched; thanks to the members of our online community.

E. Support for the Rejected and Abused of the Society
It’s not uncommon to see people who are steadily being abused, rejected and neglected in the society. Often, they face verbal and physical abuse to the point that they feel their life is not worth living again. Improved says being rejected and abused is not the end of life as there are yet better things and days to come.
We offer unmatched support based on the love of God and humanity to those who face abuse in the society. As Christians, no one can reject humanity except God, and he only has good plans for us; that is why our platform gives support to those rejected and abused by the society.

F. Medical Supplies to Local Clinics and Hospitals
Only those who are healthy can be active in the Christian community, and right from inception, it has always been our dream at Improved to see everyone smiling and living healthily. In a bid to keep up with our vision, we offer medical supplies to local clinics and hospitals to help them in alleviating patients.
We are poised to eradicating poverty and creating a happy and healthy life among Christians. All our medical supplies are geared towards reducing the number of patients in various clinics and hospitals while increasing the number of healthy and happy Christians who are free from poverty.

G. Skill and Trade Acquisition
We offer our members the opportunity to tap from the skill and trade acquisition programs we collaborate to bring to them. We believe that empowerment brings positive change and the betterment of human beings. As such; we take out time and resources to collaborate with skill and acquisition institutions and organize skill training sessions where participants learn vocational skills and trade ideas to help them in life.