IMPROVED LIFE is a crowdfunding community of Christians who are totally ready to overcome financial problem in their lives by helping others do the same. Members are to pay a One-time non-refundable registration fee of N5000, a membership/benefit fee of N5000 and five (5) referrals are all that is needed to get started. Members will simply love and teach others on how to love. In a very short time, members would have built a community that is passionate and committed to helping each other financially. The benefit fee of N5000 would be judiciously utilized to provide a home for the homeless, feed the hungry, care for the aged, widows, orphans and the sick.

Must be a Christian 18yrs and above

1. By Joining IMPROVED LIFE, members agree to;
a. Pay a one-time nonrefundable registration fee of N5000 and a membership benefit fee of N5000 for the maintenance of the platform.
b. Members will provide a bank account details to facilitate monthly funding to them. IMPROVED shall not take responsibility for any incorrect bank information provided.
c. Members must Introduce 5 people to the network, mentor them and ensure each of them also introduce 5 people each into the network.
d. Members will register only as an individual. Any suspicious activity shall result in suspension and eventual termination of membership.
e. Never affiliate any part of the entire network to any political party or agenda.
f. Failure to abide by the rules of the community shall result in immediate expulsion.

IMPROVED LIFE is not a get rich quick scheme. You will not get rich only by being a member. Your Success here depends on your hard work and commitment to the principles of our community.